More than a museum:
10 Good Reasons for BIOTOPIA

With BIOTOPIA, the Museum Mensch und Natur transforms itself into a museum of the 21st century on 13,000m².

The popular Museum Mensch und Natur (Man and Nature) in München-Nymphenburg has become too small and no longer meets scientific and museum standards. It will therefore be rethought and open with an innovative concept and triple the space as "BIOTOPIA - Naturkundemuseum Bayern" - sustainable in construction, sensitive in dealing with the protection of historical monuments, inclusive for all target groups.

The need for young talent in STEM professions is high.

23.3 % of Bavarian employees work in STEM professions. BIOTOPIA gets children and young people excited about science and makes research easy for everyone to understand, so that young people in particular become aware of fields of study and careers in the STEM sector.

BIOTOPIA encourages change.

BIOTOPIA shows attitude, takes a stand, enters into dialogue and inspires people to be curious about life. Exploring, questioning and reshaping the relationships between humans and other living beings is the program.

BIOTOPIA is the catalyst of a nature-culture quarter at the Nymphenburg site with facilities such as the Botanical Garden or the Nymphenburg Palace.

BIOTOPIA sees itself as a link builder between nature, culture and science, so that the visit to nature is lived on the doorstep. The castle park with almost 200 bird species is an observation site of considerable biodiversity.

BIOTOPIA is a stage for research results "Made in Bavaria" and unknown treasures.

BIOTOPIA not only raises national and international awareness of Bavaria's outstanding research, but also showcases largely unknown treasures from Bavaria's State Natural Science Collections, such as the world's largest butterfly collection with 25 million inventory units.

BIOTOPIA takes us to the pressing questions of our time.

Climate crisis, extinction of species and pandemics present us with enormous challenges, choices and constraints. This is where BIOTOPIA comes in: it becomes a place where internationally renowned researchers, scientific institutions and lay people meet with the aim of restoring the balance on our planet.

BIOTOPIA is active throughout Bavaria, networks existing institutions, creates synergies and provides inspiration for ideas and joint action.

It strengthens existing institutions in Bavaria with traveling exhibitions and mobile programs. BIOTOPIA is the center and coordinator of a Bavaria-wide network with a perspective of 15 nodes in the field of natural history education, including the regional museums in Eichstätt, Bamberg, Nördlingen and Bayreuth, with schools and institutions throughout the Free State.

Bavaria has an outstanding research landscape in the fields of bio- and environmental sciences.

BIOTOPIA will make these visible and network them. In the process, research finds surprising solutions for the future in exchange with other disciplines. Exhibitions "Made in Bavaria" make Bavarian science internationally visible.

BIOTOPIA is a tourist magnet and an economic and cultural attraction.

Because BIOTOPIA combines ecology and economy like no other institution - by showing how research is brought to industrial application. By promoting the economy with jobs, orders and the fruitful exchange between science and industry. With approx. 200 million euros, it is a direct investment in the future of our country.

BIOTOPIA makes Bavaria an international pioneer in science communication.

Mediating between the public and science, presenting difficult content in an understandable way, inviting people to participate and experiment are all part of the concept. Asking questions is encouraged, developing answers together is called for, and lifelong learning is the consequence.

BIOTOPIA - This is where the heart of the future beats.

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