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High-ranking visitor: Jane Goodall in the BIOTOPIA Lab

12 May 2023

On May 4, the BIOTOPIA Lab had the pleasure of opening its doors to a particularly inspiring guest: Dr. Jane Goodall paid a visit to the experimentation and exhibition space as part of DAY OF HOPE.

The British behavioral scientist has become internationally known for her long-term studies on chimpanzees and now spends more than 300 days a year traveling the globe as a UN peace ambassador. Full of excitement and curiosity, she was welcomed to the BIOTOPIA Lab by an 8th grade class from Munich's Maria-Ward-Gymnasium, who had participated in a workshop in the hands-on lab. In addition to many questions, the children brought gifts for Jane Goodall - and great understanding for the 89-year-old's burning concerns, which she was visibly pleased about: "More people are caring, which is great."

20230504 Biotopia Jane Goodall 401She told of her everyday life as a traveler in the service of people, animals and the environment and of exciting encounters with chimpanzees during her time as an active researcher. For her part, Goodall encouraged the young people to become active: "Its You young people who are changing the word. You understand the problems, take action, do something! Cause this world is in a mess - we need You!" Back in 1991, the behavioral scientist launched her Roots & Shoots program, which motivates children and young people worldwide to get involved with people, animals and the environment.

20230504 Biotopia Jane Goodall 342Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman, founding director of Naturkundemuseum Bayern, guided Jane Goodall together with scientists through the BIOTOPIA Lab, where she explored, among other things, the installation "Ressurecting the Sublime", which recreates the scent of extinct plants, and also visited the BIOTOPIA Lab inhabitants from the insect kingdom. The occasion also allowed Prof. Dr. Joris Peters, Director General of the Bavarian State Natural Science Collections (SNSB), Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit, Director of the SNSB Botanical State Collection and the Botanical Garden of Munich, and Dr. Michael Apel, Director of the Museum Mensch und Natur, to meet the UN Messenger of Peace.

20230504 Biotopia Jane Goodall 300

Dr. Michael Apel, Prof. Dr. Joris Peters, Dr. Jane Goodall, Dr. Auguste Princess of Bavaria, Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman, Prof. Dr. Gudrun Kadereit

20230504 Biotopia Jane Goodall 285Markus Unsöld, who works as a biologist at the SNSB Zoological State Collection, symbolically presented Jane Goodall with a mite that he discovered and named after her.

The DAY OF HOPE took place on May 4 with a focus on the Werksviertel-Mitte and will in the future annually encourage the Munich:in to look and participate in the protection of nature, the environment and the climate. Naturkundemuseum Bayern/BIOTOPIA Lab was represented throughout the day with a program on the topic of "Life under Water" (SDG Goal 14). Those interested were able to microscope native water fleas and participate in a feeler game in a Ferris wheel gondola. The Dawn Chorus project was also presented again and managed to attract some visitors to participate.

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