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2019-12-06 - 2020-12-31
Museum Mensch und Natur | Schloss Nymphenburg | 80638 München
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Zeit EventsTemporary exhibition in the Museum Mensch und Natur extended: Alle Zeit der Welt - Vom Urknall bis zur Uhrzeit

Time determines our life. Almost every one of us depends on the clock, day in, day out. We are used to how days, weeks, months and years pass by - and become aware of the fact that our own lifetime is limited. So time, in a sense, is quite mundane, something that affects us all directly and that we can only understand and explain with difficulty or not at all. In the exhibition "Alle Zeit der Welt", the Museum Mensch und Natur dedicates itself to this multifaceted topic and has been able to persuade the well-known astrophysicist and science journalist Harald Lesch to accompany our visitors on their journey through time and space. Numerous exhibits, spectacular pictures and displays as well as interactive objects and special children's stations make the exhibition an experience for young and old.

Through time and space

With an impressive installation, the exhibition initially takes us back to the beginning of all things - the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago. Today, ever larger and better telescopes allow us not only to look at incredible distances, but also ever deeper into the past and thus into the early days of the universe. The history of the Earth, which originated about 4.55 billion years ago, is the second part of the exhibition. Among other things, the oldest minerals and rocks of the earth with an age of more than 4 billion years can be admired here. Numerous exhibits show how the earth is still in a constant process of change and fossils lead us into different periods of the earth's history.

Time and Life

For all living beings, time is a elementary factor that affects them in various ways. All higher living beings go through a cycle of growth, reproduction and aging, which eventually leads to death. However, the duration and course of this process differ considerably - some plants and animals live only a few weeks, others reach an age of hundreds or even more than 1,000 years. The exhibition therefore shows examples of particularly extreme ages and development paths. For living beings, time is also a factor by which life processes are controlled and coordinated. Practically all living beings therefore have internal clocks, the functioning of which has been thoroughly researched in recent years and decades. A life in harmony with the inner clock is also important for us in order to remain healthy and efficient. In addition to classical experiments and findings on the inner clock, the question of a sensible division of time zones is therefore dealt with, for example.

The exhibition was developed by the team of the Museum Mensch und Natur together with members of the planning staff of Biotopia - Naturkundemuseum Bayern and the regional museums and collections of the Bavarian State Natural History Collections. The exhibition was also supported by a large number of other institutions worldwide.


Further information can be found on the website of the Museums Mensch und Natur.



Instagram Live
BIOTOPIA's Founding Director Michael John Gorman interviews Soundscape Ecologist Bernie Krause LIVE!

Due to the current situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, this event has been cancelled.

Museum Mensch und Natur | Schloss Nymphenburg | 80638 München
For the last time, Museum Mensch und Natur welcomes you for the Munich Museum Night - with BIOTOPIA.

inside & outside Hubertussaal, Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, Germany
How does what we eat shape the planet? What will the food of the future look like?

Museum Mensch und Natur, Schloss Nymphenburg, 80638 München
The exhibition "MEAT THE FUTURE" is showcasing in the Museum Mensch und Natur until June 23, 2019.

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