You can experience the Lab even in times of Corona restrictions!

Even if you cannot visit us live at the moment: The BIOTOPIA Lab Team is there for you and provides you with exciting content, ideas and tips that you can try out and realise at home.

The BIOTOPIA team is working with great ambition on digital and analog formats, experiments and DIY concepts to bring you "hands-on science" to your home until the opening. "BIOTOPIA Lab @ Home" wants to arouse interest in scientific contexts and give you a small foretaste of the activities in the BIOTOPIA Lab - from the bottle garden or your own mushroom cultivation to the isolation of DNA from vegetables and fruits. We also plan to give you a look behind the scenes of the lab with experts who will hopefully make you look forward to your visit soon!

Do it Yourself:
Ideas from the BIOTOPIA Lab

You want to experiment, create and research yourself? Then you have come to the right place!
Our Lab Pilots are constantly developing new experiments, recipes and ideas for you, which you can easily try out at home.

The world of fungi:
Inspired by our Pop-Up-Exhibition

Our pop-up exhibition "Fungi for Future" is all about fungi. We have developed various activities, experiments and ideas for you with which you can explore the world of these fascinating creatures at home!

Teaching material about mushrooms

LMU Students have put together this great teaching material on the subject of mushrooms for elementary schools as part
of the LMU's teacher training quality initiative. Learn more about how mushrooms are structured, which ones you can eat and which ones you'd rather not touch! (German only)

The BIOTOPIA Lab team recommends:

Instructions, activities and projects from the internet

Here the BIOTOPIA Lab Team provides you with all kinds of exciting links that we discovered online and can warmly recommend. Whether it's experiments for home use, do-it-yourself instructions, recipes, join-in projects or information material - here you're guaranteed to find something that will help you to become a discoverer and researcher even from home!

Detergent from chestnuts

Ordinary chestnuts can be used to produce a great detergent.
[In German]

Explore forest & climate

Games, activities and experiments to discover the forest ecosystem.
[In German]

Live from the bird house

Here you can make observations and investigations from home. [Descriptions in German]

Make Kombucha yourself

Kombucha is a refreshing drink obtained with the help of fermentation processes.

What does fall smell like?

Experience fall with these exciting experiments!
[In German]

Why are the leaves colorful in fall?

Why do leaves change color in fall? What colors are in the leaves? [In German]

Deutsches Museum at home

The educational department of the Deutsches Museum shows  experiments. [In German]


This video shows how scientists seperate mixtures.

You have become curious? Find out here what else you can experience in the BIOTOPIA Lab soon!





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